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When you choose Holappa, you are choosing quality service. We guide you towards the greatest value for your property by determining its best use. This means we research the competition, understand the market, create need, and represent your interests. Our expertise in these areas allow you to find a buyer for your property at a price that’s right for you.


Sellers and landlords benefit from our expertise in several ways.

  1. What’s the use? – We’ll help determine your property’s highest and best use. Making this determination is the key to what the market will pay for your property.Remember, buyers don’t care what you think it may be worth. It only matters what they’ll pay for it based on their use of the property. We’ll guide you toward the greatest value for your property.
  2. Local knowledge – We know what types of properties are available and what’s needed. This means we can position your property for it’s best use…and greatest value.
  3. Researching competition – Our knowledge of the market means we’re aware of what the competition has available. Because we’re on top of the market (it’s all we do), you can react more quickly and get better results.
  4. Creating need – Buyers and tenants both want the best value they can find. By using our expertise to determine the property’s highest and best use and pricing it for the market, you have a negotiating advantage.  Buyers and tenants will want your property if the value is right.
  5. Representation – We will represent your interests in negotiations and closing. We specialize in these transactions, so we’re familiar with the inevitable snags that occur (and they do occur). We’ll get you through the process.border1

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